Ash Avery grew up surfing on the south coast of England. Leaving home at 16 he followed those ocean currents accross the world, in search of waves, adventure and insight. 


Many years and many miles later he found himself alone on a beach in a tumbleweed town. A one man band. There on the desert coast of Northern Peru began a deeply personal journey into traditional shamanic healing. This journey has since lead Ash to build a retreat centre in the Amazon jungle where many other adventurous souls come to learn and heal from the wisdom and power of Mother Nature. (Check it out here)

Over time the icaro's (medicine songs) integral to his shamanic work have melded with earlier influences of reggae, folk and psychedelic blues.
The result is this totally unique sound that is truly equal parts music and medicine.


Inspired by nature, delivered by spirit "walk the earth in harmony" is a powerful call for unity with nature, each other and most of all our own hearts.